About me

Hi! I’m Leon, owner of shredislife.com

From young age, I developed a obsession for music, rock music in general. always listened to my dads old cassette tapes and cd’s.The instrument I liked the most was guitar, lead guitar to be more specific. While listening to a great guitar solo, I imagined myself standing in front of a big crowd ripping the hell out of that fast shredding solo. Sometimes I even picked up my air guitar and jammed with it (when I was alone of course :’), To be honest I still do it from time to time)


The Dream was born, I wanted to become a Rockstar, a Shredding Rockstar.

Around the age of 15 I started to take guitar lessons. always had big fun playing the guitar.  Joined a couple of bands in the years after. I’m Playing currently in the band UNDAWN.

Like more Guitarist, I’m always looking for a better guitar tone. Which evolved into being a Massive gear nerd. It’s fun to try out different gear, thinker with it or simply letting the new piece of gear inspire you to play something new.
Guitar playing is a big part of my life, it’s my passion.

The main goal of this Blog is to Inspire Guitar players/Shredders, helping out the best I can and giving you my view on different aspects of playing guitar.

Shred on,